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The Website Toldot.Ru Had Over 3 Million Visitors in the Year 2011

According to StatCounter (the data of which can be accessed through the link View My stats on the bottom left of this page), 3,158,982 unique visitors have visited the website Toldot.Ru (from different IP addresses), which is 60% more than in the year 2010. They have viewed 10,861,712 pages with text, audio and video materials. Out of all visitors, 1,123,153 are regular readers — they visit the website on a regular basis, according to the counter.

The top three countries with the largest percentage of readers are Russia (38%), Israel (20%) and Ukraine (16%). Demographically, there are more women readers than men (52% and 48% respectively). The majority of visitors are between 19 and 30 years old. Moscow is the city with the most visits on the website. Our readers mostly use Firefox (26%) and Internet Explorer (23%), followed by Google Chrome (21%) and Opera (19.6%). About 7% of visitors read Toldot.Ru materials on their mobile devices, many of them using the special software created for Toldot.Ru.

The most popular categories of the website Toldot.Ru are Jewish Names, Ask the Rabbi, Blogs, as well as categories of audio and video classes. From online searchers, most readers come to the site from Google, and only one third from Yandex. In the list of popular search titles are Jewish family, Jewish dating, Jewish blogs, Jewish music, Kabbalah and many others. Users of social networks represent an active segment of the Toldot.Ru readership. Thousands of owners of accounts on Facebook, VKontakte, LiveJournal and Odnoklassniki visit the website daily.

About 50 Jewish families have been established thanks to our Jewish matchmaking database, many hundreds of Jews have participated and are participating in online Talmud study programs, for many thousands of our brethren in the countries of the diaspora and even in Israel, the website has become the first resource — and a regular one — on Jewish culture and tradition.

Toldot.Ru is the leader among Runet resources on Judaism and ranks 13th in visitor number among all religious websites in Russian. We try to do the utmost to provide all Russian-speaking Jews with the opportunity to receive exact and complete information on Judaism and Jewish tradition. Our Rabbis and family counselors, authors and lecturers try to bring Russian Jewry closer to the age-old traditions of the people of Israel. Here it should be noted that the crucial component in the active and qualitative development of our website will be the stability of its financing.

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