Privacy Policy and Personal Data Security for Visitors.

Updated May 29, 2018.

1. The statements stipulated below are regulations for personal data security for visitors of and Toldot Yeshurun employees. Toldot Yeshurun is registered at #17 HaKissufim Street, Jerusalem, Israel. The conditions below are an official agreement between Toldot Yeshurun and visitors of

2. In the process of using services on the website (from now on known simply as “website,” which also include our official mobile apps for iOS and Android), we sometimes ask the user to provide personal information. In most cases, we do not ask for personal information (for example: names), except for in specific cases where such information is necessary for us to provide the services requested by the user, such as donation receipts for tax purposes or deliveries from our bookstore (in which case we ask the user for an address). In these cases, incorrect or missing personal information could lead to our inability to provide the services requested by the user.

3. For the website to function properly, we use cookies and save IP address information for each user. In certain cases, without saving the information, the website automatically determines the user’s approximate location based on IP address (this is necessary, for example, for the functioning of our webpage “Jewish calendar,” so that the user could receive relevant information about zmanim in his location; also, the webpage “Ask the Rabbi” requires location identification so that no requests come in during Shabbat.)

4. The use of and saving of any information that could specifically identify you (except for the cases stated in #3) are only done with your consent. Any saved data is used exclusively for the purpose stated in the specific area where the data was entered. For example, if you sent a question to our rabbi and included certain additional information about yourself, this information will only be available to and used by the people involved in running that specific forum.

5. In addition, the personal information you enter will only be accessible - through the discretion of the website administration - to the moderator (a website employee) of the specific service that you are using. For example, the rabbi who answers questions sent to him or other website employees who are involved in providing services.

6. We guarantee to put in the utmost effort within the realm of standard practices to safeguard your personal information and allow access to it only for the purpose and service that the user has chosen. Only those individuals involved in providing the chosen service will be privy to the data. The data is saved through various technical programs, used by the discretion of the website administration. Data stored on external servers is subject to an additional confidentiality agreement with the server provider.

7. Under no circumstances will we share your information, in any form, neither completely nor partially, with third parties, apart from previously expressed exceptions (see points #8,9, and 11 below). Also, we will not use the information in any form deviating from what is stated in this agreement or what is stated on the website where you provided the personal information.

8. Certain types of personal information may be visible to other website users (if this is the case, this will be clearly stated on the website) if this is the obvious way that the specific function/service is used on our website. For example, your username will be displayed under any of your entries in the sections pertaining to blogs, commentaries, and exams (next to the user’s exam rating). Certain information (with which it’s impossible to identify you) is publicized in the website activity newsfeed, which is located on the right-hand side of our webpage. If a new question has been asked on the website, the newsfeed will reflect a notification about it, which includes the person’s initials. The “Name” field may also show up in the newsletter when a person submits payment for a service. A user can always decline having this information show up on the newsfeed by following the clear instructions provided on the webpages that contain personal data submission fields.

9. Some webpages where a user has to input data might include additional conditions regarding the submitted information. This policy here includes the user’s agreement with all additional conditions, which are clearly stated on the webpage that has data submission fields.

10. Within 5 business days of submitting personal information, a user may request the website administration to delete his/her data. To do this, one must send us a request through the Contact us page.

11. A user must bear in mind that almost all external providers that allow access to their applications on third party websites, including our website, may use your information for different purposes such as target internet marketing (showing you various things while you are surfing the web). Our website uses the following third party providers (next to each one is a link to their user information and privacy policy.)

When choosing third party providers, the first thing we look at is the dependability of their suppliers. Nevertheless, we must point out that we do not wield any technical influence on the providers’ systems. These are available for the user’s convenience and for our website to work effectively (“as is”). We are not responsible for any consequences pertaining to these providers’ collection of any information related to you and/or your actions on the websites.

12. The fact that you are using our website automatically indicates your agreement with ALL the above statements of our privacy policy as well as the privacy policies of all third party providers that we use (see their links).

13. If you disagree partially or completely with any statements, rules, or regulations above, then you must request for us to delete the data that has already been collected (see point #10), and then you must immediately stop using any of our website pages.

14. This English version of our privacy policy is a translation from the original Russian text and bears no legal binding. Please refer to the Russian text for legal purposes.