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Вечер памяти Авиталь МацкинOne of the pillars of the Torah world, Rabbi Avraham Wolfson zt’l, passes away

Fifteen years ago, Avraham Cohen was a savvy filmmaker in downtown Moscow...

Program of Rabbi Kushnir for Women from 16 to 35 to take Place on October 30th in Jerusalem

The news of the tragic untimely passing of Reb Naftoli Smolyansky of Los Angeles hit people around the world as a shock.

It is this intellectual approach that draws these scientists, and thus the deep intellectual works of the Ramchal become their first step in Yiddishkeit

Harav Yitzchok, zecher tzaddik vekodosh livrocho, was mekabel Torah from his great father, under the Russians, under the communists, he continued the mesorah of Torah, from father to son

There was probably no harder period to practice Judaism than the history of Russian Jews in Soviet Russia
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