Children's Center

Applications are now open for the “Parental Guidance” group for parents of ADD or ADHD children. The group focuses on the education and the parenting techniques of children who have challenges with attention span, concentration, and hyperactivity. Mimi Jacobs, a professional family therapist, will lead the sessions. An application is necessary for participation. The number of open spots is limited. The Center is located at 17 Kisufim Street, Ramot, Jerusalem. Please call 054-845-6005 to apply or if you have any questions. In addition, Toldos Yeshurun’s Jewish Children and Family Center announces a 50% sponsorship for consultations and lessons for children and for family relationships sessions for parents! Qualifying individuals from Russian-speaking, religious homes, and possessing relevant documents are welcome to apply.

1. Rabbanit Chaya Kushnir meets with children who are experiencing challenges in various areas of child development, behavior, school studies, and relationships between adults and other children.

2. The Center also employs four remedial teachers who specialize in improving children’s’ reading and speech skills.

3. Mimi Jacobs, a well-known specialist in child development and family relationships, meets for individual consultations with couples or with mothers.