Yeshiva “Toldos Yeshurun”

Unfortunately, at present there are almost no yeshivos left in Israel whose goal it is to educate real Russian-speaking bnei Torah. This is exactly the aim of Toldos Yeshurun: to prepare Russian-speaking bochurim to learn in regular Israeli yeshivos, to mold them into genuine bnei Torah — avreichim who, b"ezras Hashem, will in the future become Talmidei Chachamim, Rabbanim and teachers of Judaism.

Boys from around the world learn in the yeshiva — from Russia, Belorus, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, the USA, Canada, and, of course, first and foremost “Russian” Israelis, graduates of religious schools and university students, former soldiers and students of the Toldos Yeshurun evening kollelim. Many tens of our graduates continue their studies in Israeli yeshivos and kollelim, such as Yeshivas Ofakim, Rechasim, Ateres Yisroel, Kollel haRan and others, most of them have married and established true Jewish homes, some teach and mold students of their own in different Israeli cities as well as abroad.

The yeshiva is located in the heart of the old Jerusalem, a mere twenty minute walk away from the Wailing Wall, close to the great “Yeshivas Mir” whose teachers teach in our yeshiva as well.

The teachers of the yeshiva are Rav Ben Tzion Zilber, Rav David Grossman, Rav Igal Polishuk, Rav Avrohom Shmulevitz, Rav Binyomin Finkel, Rav Avraham Kuperman, Rav Alexander Grinberg, Rav Leib Erenburg and others.

The schedule in the yeshiva is demanding — the boys learn from 9 am until 10 pm with breaks for meals and an afternoon rest. Classes are held in Hebrew as well as in Russian for beginners. Most of the yeshiva"s students also have individual chavrusos, i.e. individual teachers from the “Yeshivas Mir”. The students are provided with comfortable dormitories and three meals a day. Several married Russian-speaking students who are either graduates of our yeshiva or recent immigrants from other countries, learn at the yeshiva as well.

To acquaint yourself with the yeshiva"s learning program or to spend a Shabbos at the yeshiva, please contact us via e-mail at

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