Russian communities

It is a neccessary condition and the most effective way both for bringing non-religious Jews to Tradition as well as for those who already are observant, to be part of a community. Toldos Yeshurun helps establish such communities that are formed on the basis of a common culture and mentality by immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

A community usually includes a synagogue where prayer services and Shabbos classes as well as various community events — brissim, bar mitzvos, kiddushim etc, women's classes and children's programs take place, and, of course, the core of the community is the Toldos Yeshurun evening chavrusa kollel. Sometimes, communities put out their own community papers, organize seminars for their members, etc.

It is our goal that their members not only return to Tradition but also acquire a new social network, strengthen their new relationships and, as a long-term goal, that Russian-speaking baalei teshuva integrate into religious Israeli society. In this way, a community is a bridge to becoming a fully adequate religious person, a religious family. It is important to add that we support communities only in the initial stage, and it is our goal that they become financially independent.

We have been helping and continue to help the establishment of such Russian-speaking communities in various Israeli cities, such as Ashdod — under the leadership of Rav Yosef Sklyar, Beer Sheva — under the leadership of Rav Mordechai Raznov, Arad — under the leadership of Rav Avigdor Nosikov, Neve Yakov in Jerusalem — under the leadership of Rav Shalom Kaplan, Ramot — under the leadership of Rav Yakov Shub, Beitar — under the leadership of Rav Nochum Ofman, Tel Tzion — under the leadership of Rav Naftoli Panarovsky, Brachfeld — under the leadership of Rav Yosef Ovadia Zarudinsky, and others.

Furthermore, we help not only ashkenazi Russian-speaking Jews, but also immigrants from the Eastern republics of the former Soviet Union — Caucasian, Bucharian, Georgian Jews, such as the community of Rav Shmuel Simantov in Tel Aviv, of Rav Zerachya Chizkiyaev in Chadera and of Rav Boruch Babaev in Neve Yakov in Jerusalem, the establishment of a kollel for Georgian Jews under the leadership of Rav Asael Mirt and others.

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