The Jewish Family

The key problem on the path of Jews returning to Tradition is the building of a true harmonious Jewish family. Unfortunately, this becomes a difficult test for many: On occasion, only one partner does teshuva while the other does not, and this leads to divorce. Major difficulties arise in shidduchim, in raising children in the ways of the Torah, difficulties in relationships with relatives etc.

Toldos Yeshurun has launched the “Jewish Family” program which includes seminars for the preparation for shidduchim and family life, a worldwide network for religious Russian-speaking shadchanim, daily publications on topics of family relationships, childrearing, Rabbinical and sometimes psychological counseling.

The program director is Rabbi Asher Kushnir, a well-known Russian-speaking Rabbi, lecturer and author of very popular audio lectures on the topics of “The Secret of Marital Bliss”, “Bringing up Children” and others.

Thanks to this program, many tens of Russian-speaking baalei teshuva have built true Jewish homes, and for many hundreds and thousands who already have built their homes, the light of the Jewish home has begun to shine ever brighter.

Jewish Family