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Examples of questions asked on our website (translated from Russian)

Examples of questions asked on our website (translated from Russian)



My question is as follows: I am only beginning to be observant (I have difficulties with kashrus and studying on the holidays). May I look for a shidduch or should I wait? May I look for a shidduch if my parents are against it (they are not religious)?

Thank you in advance!


Dear Rabbi! I have a question for you. I very recently began my journey in religion and I am slowly advancing. I have a son who will soon turn 5. When he was born, we did not make a «pidyon». Can we do it now, and how is it done?

And another small question. My wife wants to attend classes on Torah and «Halachot», but her Hebrew is not good. We live in

Ashdod. Are there any classes for women in Russian here?

Thank you very much in advance.


What is read in the synagogue on Saturday morning (when the Rabbi calls people up to read)?


I work in agriculture. I am a chozer betshuvah. Next year is shmittah year and I decided not to plant anything. May I give the farm over to my son, a halachic Non-Jew, and work for him for a fixed wage?


Dear Rav Zilber!

Are there any differences in prayer for women, except for «sheosani kortzono»? Which parts are obligatory?

Thank you very much!


How do you kasher a car bought from a Non-Jew?


I am married to a Non-Jew. Can I go to the mikvah?


Hello. Please advise us on how to find a Rav. We live in

Holon. My husband is a ger, I am Jewish. We try to live according to the laws of the halacha. But we are surrounded by chilonim only. It is very difficult for us, but we are striving to know the halacha. How do we find a spiritual instructor? Thank you.


Dear Rav Ben Tzion Zilber!

This is simply a miracle! I finished reading your father's book today, «That You Will Stay A Jew». May his memory be blessed!

This book made an indelible impression on me. Just two emotions: Fascination and shame. Fascination with the courage and strength of your father, you and other Jews with a capital J, and shame for my own weakness, the doubts…

Upon finishing the book, I said to my husband that I would like so much to speak to the son of Rav Zilber. And suddenly discovered this site tonight…

Dear Rabbi, maybe you can find the time to meet with me. There are so many things I want to speak about, it's impossible to write them all down…

With gratitude, Leah


I want to ask this question to Rav Asher Kushnir. We want to move to

Israel from the

US. For the first period, we will stay with my husband's parents. He came to

America four years ago, and has strengthened his commitment to keeping the commandments here. Unfortunately, his parents are not religious at this point, and they often have fights about this topic. My husband tries to convince them of the necessity of keeping the commandments. I told him that we do not have the right to teach them, not to speak of fighting.

As we want to come, we are worried by the question of how to keep kashrus and Shabbos. His parents keep kosher a little bit, they separate milk and meat and only buy kosher products, but we cannot rely on that. My husband says that all the dishes have to be kashered and taken to the mikvah. How should we behave towards his parents? We have to show respect, but on the other hand, we must keep the laws. On Shabbos, the TV will most probably be on.

Thank you very much in advance for your answer


I am a Non-Jew. My boyfriend is Jewish, we love each other. I understand that we cannot marry as I am not Jewish. I would like to know more about the tradition, the culture of the Jewish people, about Judaism. Possibly, when I have learned more about it, I will become aware of my readiness to convert. I understand that the mere wish to marry a Jew is not enough for a conversion. Where should I start if I want to learn more about this?


What does Judaism think about psychoanalysis, particularly Sigmund Freud?



Israel"s Independence Day a holiday or not? (Is Hallel said or not?)


Dear Rabbi, what do you think about a marriage between a Jewess and a Muslim? After all, they also believe in the Only G-d and are circumcised!


Hello. Please tell me, what is the special mission of the Jewish people for the good of mankind? Why is it that today, many Jews do not believe in Jewish ideals and values? How can we save the Jews from assimilation, by what means?


I am 38 years old, but I have not yet undergone the procedure of brit mila. Where can I do this in



Can I go to the gym or go swimming on Saturday if the doctor recommends this?


Is it permissible to buy clothes, food,… on sales especially for Christmas and other Christian religious holidays?


What is the first Pesach Seder, how is it different from other holidays, what are its traditions and how many Seders are there?

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