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Celebration of Conclusion of Torah Scroll Writing.

The writing of the Torah scroll, which was started almost a year ago, is nearing conclusion.  Rav B. Zilber has decided that the celebration of its completion will take place at the annual convention of our organization which will be, b’ezrat Hashem,  during Chanuka on December 26th, 2005 at the “Zvil” halls (address: Shmuel Anavi Street, 26).  This is not far from the yeshiva of Toldos Yeshurun where the Torah will be brought in.

First Maariv 17:30


Conclusion of writing of last letters by Rabbis

Video Demonstration of writing of letters (in two halls)

Movie:  “Hanukah 2001" -- men’s hall

Movie:  “Teacher.  Afterward.” -- women’s hall 18:15

Speech by Rav B. Zilber (for men) 

Speech by Rebbetzen Hava Cooperman (for women)

The Torah will be brought into the yeshiva building accompanied by a torch procession after

Torches will be given only to Russian speaking parents of boys from to 13 years old.  (Parents will be responsible for their children's behavior.) Other kids will be given small luminescent torches.  Procession will follow the route:

Beit Israel Street, “Mirrer” Yeshiva, Zonenfeld Street
,Raichman Street, to the yeshiva of Toldos Yeshurun.

Festive meal in the Zvil hall at

 All teachers, students and friends of Toldot Yeshurun and, of course, those who took part in the writing of the Sefer Torah, are invited to participate in the Torah festival.

 A special program for women is planned, conducted by the daughter of Rav Yitzchak Zilber, Chava Coouperman.

Those who have not yet participated in the writing of the Sefer Torah can do so by filling out and mailing the form, or by filling it out during the session. Those who contributed four lines or more will be awarded with certificates.

 We have accumulated approximately 70% of the necessary funds for this Torah scroll by now.

 There is the possibility of organizing buses from many other towns to Jerusalem, so if you don’t live in Jerusalem, please, contact our local leader:


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