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Perestroika in Danger!

Perestroika in Danger!

The website toldot.ru is going through a perestroika - a complete makeover!

We have begun to restructure our website upon the requests of many of our regular visitors as well as upon the initiative of a wealthy Jew who, about six months ago, proposed to modernize our website, promising to "finance the majority of expenses".

The work is well underway, the work is cooking! We have signed contracts with programmers and designers... We hope that very soon, you will be pleasantly surprised when you come to our website: The site will be completely modernized. We will be happy to receive your suggestions and comments at info@toldot.ru.

But woe! The promises still remain promises until now... our budget has got a HUGE hole....

It is obvious to us that at this moment, we cannot make do without your help. Readers, viewers and listeners of toldot.ru - be our partners!


Help Toldos Yeshurun as a whole or toldot.ru in particular!

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