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Torah in Four and a Half Years

The teachers and students of the kollel celebrated the completion of studying the Written Torah

Torah in Four and a Half Years

Yesterday, in the night of the beginning of the new month of Sivan, the month in which the Jewish people received the Torah, a memorable event took place in the Toldos Yeshurun evening kollel in Modiin: The teachers and students of the kollel celebrated the completion of studying the Written Torah - the so-called "Five Books of Moses".

In four and a half years, the group, guided by their teacher Rav Azriel Kazakov, with perseverance and dedication went through Chumash - which it is customary among Jews to finish within a year. And this is what the spiritual leader of Toldos Yeshurun, Rav Ben Tzion Zilber, stressed in his speech: "Let a person not be afraid of the vast sea of Torah. If one is focused on his goal and learns methodically, every one of us can merit to receive the Torah - just like our forefathers received it in the month of Sivan, 3320 years ago."

It should be noted that the city of Modiin is a special place. There are few "Russians" here, and those "Russians" who do settle here are usually among those with higher salaries. This is a city which does not have poor neighborhoods. It was often heard from the inhabitants of Modiin that they are proud that no religious Jews live in Modiin, that they do not receive permission to settle here, to build synagogues there, and Toldos Yeshurun had great difficulty to find a location for its evening kollel. Just the name of the place in which the siyum was held, speaks for itself: "Beit-Sefer Demokratiya"!

In his address, Toldos Yeshurun's director R' Avrohom Cohen stressed that this kollel is one of those learning places of ours with the least number of participants. And it is very important that the direction of our work is quality, not quantity. After all, what is a chavrusa? It is a difficult, slow growing process in Torah that an immigrant from the Soviet Union accomplishes under the guidance of a Russian-speaking avrech. And it is this personal connection and learning one-on-one that guarantees the success and irreversible changes that happen to everyone who becomes a ba'al teshuvah.

In the name of Toldos Yeshurun, R' Avrohom Cohen thanked the teachers and their families for their hard work and faithfulness to the Torah - after all, the absence of a husband from home at night first and foremost falls on the shoulders of the wife...

Those who would like to attend the women's class that is given by Chava Kuperman, and the classes and chavrusos for men, please call Rav Moshe Muterperl at 050-412-9793.

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