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Sderot: Torah Against Rockets

Sderot: Torah Against Rockets

Be'siyata di'shmaya, Toldos Yeshurun opened a class for women in the city of Sderot this week. About twenty women gathered for the lecture of Leah Belkin, a famous teacher from Netivot.

It is clear to everybody that this is an unusual class. The bombardments of places located near the border to the Gaza strip are continuing, and Sderot suffers first and foremost. People are dying, and we see, that all the power of the Israeli army unfortunately cannot solve this problem.

As it is known in Jewish tradition, not in weapons does the strength of the Jews lie, but rather in the power of Torah - the observance of the Alm-ghty's commandments, the strengthening of Torah study. In the short history of our organization, we have witnessed a great miracle as well - in May 2002, after the bombardments of the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem had been going on for two years, Toldos Yeshurun opened an evening kollel there. We do not know if this is a miracle or maybe a surprising coincidence, but just then the bombardment of Gilo stopped...

We hope that today as well our prayers will be accepted: That the bombardments of Israeli cities should stop, that innocent people should stop dying, that in the merit of the dissemination of Torah among the Jewish people, Mashiach should come bimhera b'yameinu.  

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