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Islamic terror and Yishmael’s empire in the End of Days

Many Russian speaking Jews know Rabbi Tzvi Vasserman

Rav Tzvi Vasserman has been teaching Torah since 1979 and since 1980 has been translating, editing and distributing Jewish literature in Russian. He  made Aliyah in 1988, continued teaching Torah in Russian at the Shvut Ami yeshiva  and opened in it a publishing house in the same year.  He has been an editor–in–chief of the Shvut Ami publishing house since then .

Rabbi Tszi Vasserman has edited, translated and published more than 70 books in Russian.

Here is a list of some of them:

Humash in Hebrew and Russian with the commentaries of Rabbi S.R. Hirsch;

Psalms in Hebrew and Russian with commentaries of Rashi, Radak, Sforno, Malbim etc.;

The Midrash Says by R.Weissman 5 volumes; Derech Hashem by R.M.Ch.Luzatto;

Sefer Hamitzvot by Rambam; some other books of Rambam and Ramban;

Jewish Sages  Shvut Ami, Jerusalem 2007, 641 p.;

Epoque of  Mashiach by R.Elchonon B.Wasserman;

The NCSY Bencher  - A Book Of Prayer And Song and much more…

Islamic terror and Yishmael’s empire in the End of Days


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