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Help Rabbi Katzman's Family!

Help Rabbi Katzman's Family!

Help Rabbi Katzman's Family!


We would like to ask all visitors of our website to financially support the family of Rabbi Naftoli Katzman.


As we have already written, Rabbi Naftoli Katzman who has directed the Toldos Yeshurun branch of Netanya for many years, was hospitalized into the intensive care unit after he suffered cardiac arrest and diagnosed "comatose".


Unfortunately, his condition has not improved in the few months that have passed since the tragedy, and his family – his wife and five small children – are left without their breadwinner.


The Toldos Yeshurun organization was one of the first to extend a helping hand, taking upon itself the payment of the family's monthly mortgage.


You can help in any way: By check, credit card, PayPal etc. Please send checks to Toldos Yeshurun, P.O.B. 50566, Jerusalem 91505, Israel and indicate "for the Katzman family". To help via credit card, please go to https://ssl.vds2000.com/ssl.toldot.ru/rus_donation_form.php.


It is crucial for us to find people who could support the family monthly. For all questions concerning help for the Katzman family, please call the Toldos Yeshurun office in Israel at 02-5400005 (+972-2-5400005 from outside of Israel).


We would also like to ask everybody to continue to pray for the speedy recovery of Rav Refoel Naftoli ben Nelly.

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