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Michael (Kiryat Gat, Israel)


Right when I began learning Talmud, I understood (or think I did) the meaning of what is said in Tehillim (תהלים פרק לד  ט):  טעמו וראו כי טוב ה'

 It is absolutely impossible to describe the taste of a delicious cake, one must simply offer others to try. How much more is it impossible to describe in words the fantastic feeling of getting into the secrets of Creation, the feeling of endless gratitude to the Almighty that by way of an “accidental” occurance of events, I came upon the “Toldos Yeshurun” website, “accidentally” clicked on Talmud online, got to know Natan (my teacher) who agreed to teach me Talmud. At the very first session, I – a professional programmer – understood that I had absolutely no idea of what logic was, how every word, every letter even, was connected to the other words and letters, and the other parts of Written and Oral Torah.

I have been studying Talmud for over one and a half years. But every time, I am fascinated anew by the wisdom and genius of the sages of the old times who were able (with the Almighty’s help) to transmit to our generation the tremendous amount of knowledge that helps us come closer to the Creator’s intentions, to understanding the true purpose of our existence in this world. Only by studying and internalizing the Almighty’s Torah does a Jew fulfill his purpose – to bring the knowledge of the Creator’s oneness and greatness into the world.

I wish everyone who reads this to just try…

(תהלים פרק לד  ט)

טעמו וראו כי טוב ה'

Michael Yusim


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