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Maranan Verabbanan Gedolei Hador shlit'a gave their warm blessings to Siyum HaShas of the «Toldos Yeshurun»

An all-time high of 2,000 people attended the Siyum HaShas in the memory of the organization’s founder, Rabbi Yitzchok Zilber zt”l

Rabbi Ben Tzion Zilber (l) & Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach shlit”a (r) making Siyum haShas
At the center of this year’s annual meeting of Toldos Yeshurun was the Siyum haShas, the completion of the Talmud: Many avreichim who teach in the organization had learned the entire Shas in the memory of the teacher of all Baalei Teshuvah from Russia, Rabbi Yitzchok Zilber zt”l. Maranan Verabbanan Gedolei Hador shlit”a attended the celebration.

Toldos Yeshurun now has more than 60 learning sites all over Israel, working with Russian immigrants wherever they are – from Naharia in the North to Arad and Beer Sheva in the South. More than 1,200 people are learning in Toldos Yeshurun’s programs today. The organization unites Russian-speaking Bnei Torah to teach Torah one-on-one to their not-yet religious brethren.

Rabbi Ben Tzion Zilber and Rabbi Moshe Eliezer Rabinowitz receiving a brocha for Toldos Yeshurun's activities and the annual meeting from Rav Lefkowitz (l) and Rav Chaim Kanievsky (r)

The Toldos Yeshurun yeshivah caters to those who want to fully dedicate themselves to Torah learning but do not have the skills and knowledge of their peers who grew up religious. Over 30 students are currently enrolled in the yeshivah to bridge this gap, and will then go on to study in regular Israeli yeshivos and kollelim. The organization’s backbone, the Kollel Halacha that has Russian-speaking avreichim, mirrors the operating mode of Toldos Yeshurun: These avreichim, who were once at the receiving end of beginners’ learning programs, are now leaders of Toldos Yeshurun branches and in a few years, will be Rabbis for Russian immigrants, passing on the Torah they have learned.

On the fourth night of Chanukah, as in the past years, Toldos Yeshurun celebrated in four halls of the Binyanei Ha’Umah in Jerusalem by bringing together men, women and children, whole families of Russian baalei teshuvah. The substantial growth of the organization led to a record-breaking number of participants: 2,000 avreichim and their students and families came on buses from all over Israel to attend the event.

"Toldos Yeshurun" merit to continue its work and may all those who assist in increasing the scope of their activities see blessings from Hashem Yisborach for their efforts
On the day before, a delegation from Toldos Yeshurun, led by Rabbi Ben Tzion Zilber, head of the organization, and US chaiman Rabbi Moshe Eliezer Rabinowitz of Lakewood, visited the homes of Maranan VeRabbanan Gedolei Hador shlita - HaRav Yosef Sholom Elyashiv, HaRav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky and HaRav Michoel Lefkowitz - who received the Rabbis very warmly and gave their heartfelt blessings for the Siyum haShas. The evening was moderated by Rabbi Rabinowitz who serves the organization in many facets of its tasks. He emphasized that “this event is not only a continuation of Toldos Yeshurun’s tradition of an annual meeting, - the siyum haShas in the memory of our teacher Rabbi Yitzchok Zilber zt”l makes it exceptional.”

Toldos Yeshurun’s activity revolves around Torah learning, bringing Russian-speaking Jews closer to the Torah by learning Torah. “A Siyum haShas”, continued Rabbi Rabinowitz, “is the best way to sanctify the memory of Rav Yitzchok who dedicated his life to teaching Torah, and all those present are his students or students of his students.”

"Toldos Yeshurun" merit to continue its work and may all those who assist in increasing the scope of their activities see blessings from Hashem Yisborach for their efforts
A letter of Maran haRav haGaon Yosef Sholom Elyashiv, reads as follows: “Toldos Yeshurun was founded by Rabbi Yitzchok Zilber zt”l. The organization became known for uniting Bnei Torah from Russia to work together to increase Kovod Shamayim and Torah learning wherever there are Russian immigrants in Eretz Yisroel. On this joyous day of Siyum haShas, as everyone comes together to fulfill “az yedabru yerei H” – I bless Rabbi Ben Tzion Zilber shlit”a who is at the head of the organization, all the avreichim and all who help this important organization, because the wish of Hashem is in their hands.

Rabbi Avraham Krohn speaking

Avraham Cohen, director of Toldos Yeshurun, used the opportunity to express special thanks to the avreichim who teach in chavrusas and give shiurim in the evening kollel network as well as their families, and he thanked all the avreichim and their students who took upon themselves to study the Shas. Speeches were given by the only son of Rabbi Yitzchok, Rabbi Ben Tzion, who leads the organization after his father, as well as by Rabbi Moshe Petrower, Rosh Kollel Halacha of Toldos Yeshurun, Rabbi Yigal Polishuk, Rabbi Avraham Krohn, and Rabbi Eliezer Rozner.

The speech of HaRav haGaon Shmuel Auerbach, who was honored with making the Siyum, was the high point of the evening. After his speech, he went through the hall and passed by the hundreds of tinokos shel beis raban that were born to parents who immigrated to Eretz Yisroel.

Tinokos shel Beis Rabban of parents who came from Russia

As the children spontaneously began singing “Boruch Elokeinu shebaranu lichvodo vehivdilanu min hatoyim, venasan lanu Toras Emes”, the participants could not hold back tears. These children, who today learn in chederim, and their parents who, not too long ago, were far away from Torah and Yiddishkeit, steeped in the world of communist ideology, truly affirm the words of this tefilah.

Rabbi Moshe Shapiro, Rabbi Chaim Sarneh, Rabbi Avraham Shmulevitz, Rabbi Eliyahu Aba Shaul, Rabbi Avraham Greenboim, as well as the heads of Russian-speaking communities and organizations that work with Russians, also participated in the event.

In view of the successful first annual Toldos Yeshurun dinner a few months ago, it was decided to BE”H conduct the second annual dinner in New York next year, on Sunday Parashas Toldos (November 4, 2007), with the presentation of Rabbi Yitzchok Zilber’s autobiography “That You Remain A Jew” in English (published by Feldheim). The organization will be very grateful to those who will be able to heed the call of Maranan Verabbanan Gedolei Hador shlit”a to financially support its holy work. Donations can be sent to Rabbi Moshe Eliezer Rabinowitz, 10 5th Street, Lakewood, New Jersey 08701 or through the website of the organization www.toldosyeshurun.org.

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