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Sefer Torah in Memory of Rav Yitzchak Zilber, ztz"l

Сефер Тора

Rav Zilber, zt

Toldos Yeshurun organization under the leadership of Rav Ben Tzion Zilber is about to begin writing a Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) dedicated to the memory of our teacher, Rav Yitzchak Zilber, ztz”l. Anyone who wants to have a share in this mitzvah may contribute towards this project either on-line, via PayPal, or by filling out the following form and sending it along with the check or credit card information to one of the addresses below.

If the funds which will be raised will exceed the expenses for writing the scroll, the surplus will be used for the Toldos Yeshurun’s programs which continue Rav Yitzchak Zilber’s cause by bringing more Russian-speaking Jews closer to Torah and mitzvos.

You may acquire a share in the Torah scroll for yourself, or for your children or grandchildren. Or you can dedicate it to the memory of a deceased person.

I want to have a share in:

  • 1 letter of the Torah scroll $5
  • _____ letters (fill in the quantity)
  • Four lines $18
  • Half a page $90
  • Full page $180
  • Other: ________________________

My contact information is:

Name: _________________________

Address: _________________________


Telephone: _________________________

E-mail: _________________________

This share in the Torah scroll is:

Acquired for (name of the person and his/her father’s name):



Dedicated to the memory of:


Additionally, I want to donate $_______ for other Toldos Yeshurun programs.

To donate via PayPal, please click the PayPal icon in the footer of this page and provide the necessary information in free format in the “Payment for” or “Instructions” field. For example, “For Sefer Torah. Four lines in the name of Reuven ben Yaakov.” Or, “For Sefer Torah. Half a page dedicated to the memory of Yaakov ben Yitzchak.”

Alternatively, please send the filled out form along with your check or credit card information to:

In the USA: 1099 E 18th St., Brooklyn, NY 11230
In Israel: PO Box 50566, Jerusalem 91505
In Australia: PO Box 155, Balaclava, Vic, Australia 3183

Please mark “Sefer Torah” on the envelope.

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