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Rav Bentzion Zilber will be touring the US and Canada


Upon the invitation of the Russian-speaking Jewish Communities of North America, Rav Bentzion Zilber will be touring the US and Canada with lectures focusing on the topics of “Hashgacha Pratit – The Divine Providence” and “Is it possible to tell the future?”

Following each lecture, members of the audience will have an opportunity to approach Rav Bentzion with personal questions or to receive his bracha.

During these events, printed and audio materials will be distributed for the audience.

The inaugural lecture of this tour will be delivered in Los Angeles on April 3rd, 2005.

Then, Rav Bentzion is planning to visit Toronto and Ottawa, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, New York City and Monsey.

More details regarding Rav Bentzion’s itinerary, as well as times and locations of the lectures can be obtained from our US coordinator at


or Rav Bentzion’s Gabbi at the following telephone numbers:

In the US (718) 404 8008 (from April 3 to 13, 2005)

In Israel: 00-(972) 54 540 08 08.

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