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Toldot.ru turns 15! More than 100 million page views!

 Редакция Толдот — Toldot.ru turns 15! More than 100 million page views!

Since our inception, more than 100 million web pages have been visited from over 36 million unique IP addresses. Of these visitors, more than 11 million are regular readers (over 10 visits).

42 rabbis have answered 35,431 questions, 3,329 of which were published on our website.

Our readers hail from 187 countries, including regular visitors from the Vatican.

136 Jewish couples have tied the knot thanks to our dating service.

Each month, 505 chavrusos participate in our online program, including Russian-speaking Jews from Hong Kong, Thailand, Chili, Belgium, Canada, Lithuania, and of course, from Germany, the US, Russia, Ukraine, Israel and many other countries.

420 Israeli families receive financial help from our readers every month.

If we strung together the length of our webpages, they would span the length of Israel, over 500 kilometers!

We are here for you! Come visit us at toldot.ru!

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